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Adrian Preston

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Welcome to tuddl! Getting set-up in the tuddl platform is easy - If you're reading this help page, you've already logged into our administration portal. 

Once you've logged in, there's a few really simple and quick things things you need to do to get everything ready to go for your organisation's teams. Four easy stages to get Tuddl going :

1.  Add an image for your organisation. Click on the 'Preferences' menu item on the left, and then 

2. Set up scheduled communications. You and your team can get updates on how things are going. It's a 10 second job to set them up! For a detailed step by step guide to this, we have a communications help page

3. Set up your resources. Again, for a detailed step-by-step guide, please refer to our resources help page. Then you can decide what you want your featured resource to be. Here's a link to the how to guide for setting up a featured resource. If you like, you can skip this stage and do it later.

And that's it! tuddl is setup and now you are ready to start inviting users and teams.

4. Let's setup your first team (we've already created one for you). Go to My First Tuddl Team to get some  details on how to do this.

Now, let's add more teams. There are two ways of doing this:

 - Invite them manually : Managing users help page and Managing teams help page


- Use Quickteams (recommended) : Quickteams help page

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