tuddl Communication with Users

How to make sure Users are engaged with the Tuddl platform

Adrian Preston

Last Update 1 年前

By default, tuddl will send out PUSH notification to User's mobile phones when they download and use the app. The platform sends out three notifications - to tell the user they have a checkin, a vote, and that a vote is complete and the action is ready to go.

In addition, you can tell the platform to send your users emails on a regular basis. To do this is simple:

1. Go to the 'Preferences' page (in the admin portal click on the Account dropdown on the left).

2. Select which communication you want to send to your users (we recommend all of them) and how often you want the platform to send it, and on what day : 

Here for example, I have selected to send all three communications. Team Owners will receive a communication once every week on a Monday. Team members (which includes team owners) will get theirs on a Tuesday every two weeks. 

The communications themselves are simple and just give a prompt to the user that they have an action ready, and to remind them to checkin and vote.

Integrating with Slack

We also provide integration with the Slack platform if you use it. First of all, select the Preferences option in the Account drop down in the left hand menu. On the Preferences page, you'll see the following section: 

Make sure you are currently logged into Slack, then click the 'Add to Slack' button. And you're done!

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