Roles in Tuddl

Roles in the Tuddl platform are important!

Adrian Preston

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In the Tuddl platform, throughout this help portal, we use several terms that indicate the roles of users in tuddl. This is important as different roles have different levels of access and different responsibilities. Here's a quick outline of what we mean when we talk about the three roles.

Tuddl Pro

If you're reading this, that's likely you. A Tuddl Pro is someone who has access to the web portal and can see the Insights, Dashboards, and can, if they wish, manage users and teams.

It is completely up to you who you make a Tuddl Pro. Anyone, or only one person can have access to this web portal. Please see our help page on Managing users for details of how to make someone in your organisation a Tuddl Pro (it's really easy).

Our recommendation is to limit the access to the web portal and limit the Tuddl Pro's (like you would your HR system for example). But it really is completely up to you.

Team Owner

A Team Owner is simply the person who administers a tuddl team. The only difference between a team owner and a team member is that the Owner sets the frequency of checkin and voting, invites people into the team, and sets the team name and image. That's it. Day to day, a team owner sees exactly the same information as everyone else!

Team Owners will do all this administration in the app! They don't need access to the web portal to do it.

Team Member

Everyone else in the team!!

Don't forget, the role of Tuddl Pro and Owner/Member aren't mutually exclusive. You can make a team owner a Tuddl Pro and assign Tuddl Pro status to anyone in a team. 

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