My user can't access the app

Here's some solutions

Adrian Preston

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If your user is reporting that they can't access the tuddl mobile application, there are several things you can do.

The most likely reason is that they cannot remember their password. This is easy to fix.

To change a User's Password.

1. Select the Users menu option on the left

2. Find the user by simply searching for them either by their name or their email :

3. Edit the user by clicking on the edit icon. 

4. At this point you can do one of two things : 

a. Give the user a temporary password by manually typing it into the password box and repeating it in the confirm password box : 

then click on the Update button and communicate the new password to the user:

b. Click on the One Time Password button - this will give the user a randomly generated password:

then click on the Update and Invite User button, which will send them an email with their One Time Password, which they will be required to change the next time they login:

Another possible reason is that a User is not part of a team.

To Assign a User to a Team

1. Find the user and click on the edit icon.

2. Check that the user is part of a team. If not, simply click on the down arrow and select a team for the user:

If neither of these solutions resolve the issue, please raise a ticket with us on the platform, or chat to us direct through the chat icon!

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